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Tactical Arts Fighting Knife (3 inch)


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Product Description

The Tactical Arts Fighting Knife is a no-nonsense, functional, durable blade that was made for use with the Filipino Martial Arts and modern combatives.  This is the smallest version of the Tactical Arts Fighting Knife.  It is 3 inches, single edged, and balanced for self defense use.

Blade Style: Clip Point
Overall Length: 7 inches (17.8 cm)
Blade Length: 3 inches (7.6 cm)
Handle Length: 3.75 inches (8.9 cm)
Blade Thickness: .375 inch (.95 cm)
Handle Material: G10
Blade Material: N690 Stainless Steel
Weight: 5.5 ounces (156 g)


The handle was designed to be neutral to comfortably allow a good grip for both forward and reverse grips as well as combinations of grips and blade orientations.  The blade orientation is comfortable either inward or outward.  We designed this model with a thick handle so it can be held firmly.  The knife handle has a finger index that allows you to find the right blade orientation in the dark and reduces the possibility of slippage during use.  The G10 handle features a scalloped design for a very stable grip.

The blade features a long flat ground edge for slashing and a false edge on the spine to facilitate thrusting.  The base of the blade spine includes jimping / filing to assist your thumb in indexing the blade when finding a good grip.  These blades are cryogenically treated for 3 days in a custom process to create a very fine grain pattern.  After the heat treatment lasting 3 days, the blade is then tempered and finished.  This means the blade is very tough and can hold a very sharp edge. 

Approximately 80 percent of the strength of a blade is based on the heat treatment of the blade.  Even high quality steels are not durable if they are not heat treated well.  Because of this, we focussed our efforts on getting that right.  For this model, we use a very good quality stainless steel N690, which allows for a fine grain. 

Included with the Tactical Arts Fighting Knife is a simple kydex sheath that can be combined with a tech-lok, paracord or other mounting system, not included.

Note: Although our blades are rugged, this was blade is not created to be used as a prying tool, chopper, hammer or can opener.  Please use it only for self defense and tasks that require the proper use of a cutting edge. 


The Tactical Arts Fighting Knives were designed by Mandala Tuhon Leslie Buck, owner of the Tactical Arts Academy and expert of Pekiti Tirsia Kali and by Panday Jeff Crowner, a student of Kali, Pencak Silat and the great Knifemaker Wayne Goddard.  Though there are many great knives publicly available, Leslie found difficulty in finding a simple, versitile knife that allowed multiple grips, was durable and had a balance perfect for use with the Filipino Martial Arts.  As a retired veteran, survival enthusiest, Filipino martial artist and expert knifemaker, Jeff was the perfect person to build a custom blade for Leslie's needs.  The result is this line of knives as well as a few other special blades to come.

Product Reviews

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  1. AWESOME! Should be rated 10 stars!

    Posted by Lee on 9th May 2014

    The picture and description don't do this all purpose tool justice. This knife is small enough for everyday carry open or concealed. It is well built and Deadly Sharp! It is robust over all. The handle material and grooves work to provide a firm grip on your friend. I have many knives but this has to be my favorite next to the other Kaligear Tactical Arts 5.5 inch knife. It is a hefty knife but like they say on the website, I won't use this for opening cans or hammering nails but I'm sure it could handle such chores. I love it too much to abuse it that way. You have to see one in your hands to truly appreciate it's construction.

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