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Rough Rattan Sticks (2)

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Product Description

Our Rough Plain Rattan Sticks have been fire hardened and treated. Two sticks are included in each order.

Why Rough?

Although functional, some of the sticks we received from our supplier simply do not meet our standards for our basic rattan stick.  In short, these sticks are a little ugly and rough.  Although in small amounts, small imperfections on a product that is harvested from nature is to be expected, but these are a little too rough.

Imperfections may include small cracks, pits and deep burn marks, lumpy nodes, worm holes and overall rough textures. Some of them are not straight and some are tapered.  Though they are not beautiful, these sticks can be used, and should last as long as a regular quality stick. These are a good alternative for training on a budget. 

PLEASE NOTE: The picture here is not the rough rattan sticks. These are clearance items and sold as is. This offer is until supplies run out.


Length: 26 - 31 inches
Diameter: approximately 7/8 inch
Weight: 5 - 9 oz



Product Reviews

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  1. Very nice sticks

    Posted by Eric Joseph Hustoft on 13th Oct 2020

    Though these are the rough sticks, I found their quality to be marvelous. Perfect for the beginner as well as the advanced student of the Filipino Martial Arts!!!

  2. excellent value

    Posted by RCS on 17th Feb 2012

    These sticks are an excellent value for the price. The imperfections on the 5 pairs I ordered are purely cosmetic. I will absoletely purchase more of these as I go through them in training.

  3. Cant go wrong for the quality, price or the service.

    Posted by Mike Tabor (Progressive Kali Silat) on 14th Dec 2011

    I have trained in the F.M.A. for over 28 years, Had many sticks. These sticks are worth every penny,they will give all the performance you will ever need at a great price.

  4. Great Sticks for the price!

    Posted by mountainside15 on 6th Dec 2011

    These are great sticks for those who want to train with them on a regular basis. For those who do train sticks regularly you know how quickly you can go through a pair with heavy use. If your not concerned with the cosmetic imperfections(however they are still good looking sticks), then these are the sticks for you. If you want aesthetically pleasing sticks vs practical training sticks then these are not for you. For the price, these sticks are a steal...

  5. ruff sticks

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Nov 2011

    they are very good and clean sticks with very few imperfections at all. A great bargain.

  6. At this price, it's a steal!

    Posted by Hector on 10th Feb 2011

    Sticks at this price are usually cheap and break within a couple of uses. But, these are still high quality sticks. They are not just cheap sticks, but have the weight and feel of a higher quality stick. They are just a few rough spots.They are great for practicing by yourself, on a tire or on a bag or, with a little TLC, they are suitable for practicing in class.

  7. Best deal I've seen this year!

    Posted by John D. on 13th Dec 2010

    So...are these rough? Sure - they were described as rough, right? Took a few minutes with some snadpaper and steel wool and some spray-on quick drying varnish-like stuff to clean them up, but if you're too lazy to do that, you'll probably gripe about them. They're good for tire banging etc. as is; mine are now good for training activities. Buy 'em and work with 'em!

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