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Instructor Account

The Kali Gear Instructor Account was designed to support active instructors and their groups, big or small.  If you are an instructor, actively teaching in a school, park, backyard or anywhere you can, then you are eligible for this account.  We want to help you. 

The Kali Gear Instructor Account program offers discounts on Kali and Pencak Silat essentials for instructors who would like to provide products to their students.  Discounts range up to 15% on various products including sticks, training knives, gear bags, patches, sarongs, shirts and more.  Currently not all products are offered at a discount, but we are adding more whenever possible. 

To apply for a Kali Gear Instructor Account:

1. Complete the form below.

2. Create an account at www.kaligear.com.  We will convert it to an Instructor Account after approval. 


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