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About Us


Make you battle ready. Kali Gear is devoted to bringing you the products you need to be prepared especially for the Filipino and Indonesian Martial Arts. Whether enjoying the beauty of the arts or training for combat, you must have dependable tools to get the most out of your time. Kali Gear is here to bring you the reliability and equipment you need.

Thank you for your business. Your support helps us further our learning and development in the martial arts. Please contact us for any questions or requests. Kali Gear is located in Austin, Texas and is owned by Leslie L. Buck, Jr.

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                               Leslie                                                                       Reiko


Our humble store developed over the years as Leslie travelled often to Indonesia and the Philippines. Every trip he would pursue further training, then he would bring back antique and traditional blades, weapons, and other gear related to the martial arts and culture. Over the years, he brought back extra items so his students and partners could also have what he had found for himself. As the demand grew so did the ring of friends in the arts interested in what Leslie provided. Today, we hope Kali Gear can offer interesting and useful gear to our ever growing community of friends in the arts.

Tactical Arts Academy

We offer training in Filipino and Indonesian Martial Arts in our local facility, the Tactical Arts Academy.  Seminars and opportunities for starting a remote training group are also available.

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