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Masters Dueling Case


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Product Description

The Kali Gear Master's Dueling Case is ideal for organizing and carrying your Filipino Kali, Arnis, Escrima training gear. 

The Master's Dueling Case is designed for carrying all that is needed to teach, demonstrate or train. Be prepared for your next class, seminar, private lesson or any time you may need your gear.

Made of durable black nylon, this case unrolls to reveal multiple internal pockets. These individual pockets allow for various weapons and gear to be stored and protected from wear and tear.

Included are: 2 pockets for long blades, 2 large pockets for sticks, 3 pockets for knives and 2 pockets for your notebook, palm sticks, balisong or other small items. Each has a durable velcro enclosure to ensure a tight close.

The Master's Dueling Case exterior features adjustable binding straps to hold it secure. When you finish training, simply roll up the case and secure it with the straps and quick open buckles. Carry it all with the wide adjustable shoulder strap, which includes a hanger loop, 2 D-rings and several webbing loops for attachments, keys and carabiners. 

Overall Dimensions: 32.5H x 26.5W inches (82.5H x 67W cm)
Left Knife Pockets: 15H x 2.25W inches (38H x 6W cm)
Small Left Pocket 1: 7H x 7.5W inches (18H x 19W cm)
Small Left Pocket 2: 9H x 7.5W inches (23H x 19W cm)
Middle Stick Pockets: 32H x 4.5W inches (81H x 11W cm)
Right Pockets: 30H x 2.5W inches (76H x 6W cm)


Long ago, Grandmaster Conrado would seek other Kali masters to challenge. Upon finding them, he would unroll his carrying case to reveal sticks, swords, knives and .45 caliber handguns. The two would then choose their weapons and duel to perfect the art. If at any time Conrado was attacked while carrying his weapons case, he could pull a strap to quickly unroll the case, still hanging from his shoulder, and access his weapons while shielding his body from assault. 

The grandson of Conrado Tortal, Tuhon Leo Tortal Gaje modernized the design of the dueling case to what you see today. However, you don't have to duel anyone to use this case; it is portable and convenient for everyday use or storage. Whether you need to have a professional look or just a way to port your gear, this case is what you need.

Product Reviews

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  1. Great bag, while it holds.

    Posted by Alfred Andersson on 14th Oct 2013

    I have had my bag for about three years, I love the design and everything about it, except the bands holding it together that has worn out and in my case on has fell off. This has happened both for me and my instructor.

    Kali Gear: Alfred, we are very sorry for this happening. We have new improved masters dueling cases now from a new manufacturer. The bands are stronger than the old ones. Thank you for contacting us.

  2. Great Bag!!!

    Posted by Car Guiao on 2nd Mar 2013

    I have had my gear bag for about 5 years now. And it holds all my FMA weapons, when I go for training. This bag has held my sticks, training swords, karambits, and my various dulos.

    The various pockets make it simple to pull the weapons out, and stow them. This is definitely a must have bag.

  3. THE gear bag

    Posted by Joe on 22nd Oct 2012

    I saw the bag online and thought "hmm, this seems alright," but when I got to see one in person, I bought it immediately. Once you unroll the bag you can see the amount of thought and consideration that went into the design, and the construction is superb. I can carry around 6 rattan sticks, 2 karambits, 4 training knives, gloves, knee pads, and a notebook in this case, and I'm still not using one of the compartments. If you own a set of rattan sticks or training knives, this case is a must-have.

  4. Must Have!

    Posted by Willie on 21st Aug 2012

    I've been looking for a replacement for a similar product I've been using for the last 10 years. Needless to say I destroyed my last gear bag dragging it around to & from training sessions. KALIGEAR's M.D.C. is made of the same tough material that will take a beating & has the color selection which makes this more desirable. I would recommend this gear bag to Everyone. Well Done KALIGEAR!

  5. Excellent gear bag

    Posted by erw on 6th Aug 2012

    I really like this bag, but my son is trying to steal it for himself. It might be a good idea to get my name stitched on it. I may be forced to get another soon.

  6. Quality and Functionality

    Posted by Philip on 2nd Jul 2012

    Great bags! In fact, the best I've seen yet. Great quality and a convenient way to carry around a lot of your weapons. It's great to see products like this becoming available.

  7. It's like a Foodsaver ... for Kali

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Apr 2011

    My wife and I both train Kali and saw one of our fellow students with this bag. When we broke a zipper on our lacrosse bag, we used it as the perfect excuse to purchase this one. Now we know we never needed an excuse!

    So far, we have the following in our bag:

    Stick Pockets:
    A. 4 regular rattan sticks
    B. 2 Heavier sticks
    C. 2 Lameco padded sticks
    D. 2 bulkier padded sticks

    Left Knife Pockets:
    A. 2 cold steel training daggers
    B. Nunchaku
    C. Wooden Tanto

    Small Left Pocket 1:
    2 Pairs of Racquetball Goggles
    2 short aluminum training knives (folder size)

    Small Left Pocket 2:
    Our two sarongs

    We attached two carabiners to the shoulder strap and are attaching our lacrosse gloves that we use for sparring to it. We may attach headgear soon in the same manner. Even with all this stuff in it, it rolls up nicely. As we expand our collection, we will probably move towards two of these bags -- one for each of us.

    The materials seem extremely durable.

  8. Don't know why I waited so long to purchase.

    Posted by Willie on 22nd Jan 2011

    This bag is one of a kind. I can fit allof my favorite training weapons in it. I like the feel of being organized.

  9. THE bag to get

    Posted by Scott on 18th Sep 2010

    If you are like myself and several of the others that have reviewed this bag and have tried several different bags but are still unsatisfied- your search is over. This is THE bag you want! This thing is simply amazing- it holds everything you can possibly need. I have 4 pairs of sticks, 8 training blades, a padded stick, and a note pad all in this thing. You can just clip a D-ring to the outside strap and attach gloves or mits as well. Great part is it folds up so it is no bigger than a rolled up bath towel!

  10. This Bag is Awesome

    Posted by Karen on 31st May 2010

    This Bag is Awesome. Holds everything. And grabs attention at every seminar i go to.

    I highly recommend this product.

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