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Filipino Kali Stick Sparring - Sparring Drills and Methods

Training for Results Sparring can serve as bridge from your technical drills to realistic application or to competition. Whether you are training to apply Kali for self defense or for a fighting competition, the right sparring drills will give you the perspective you need to be successful. Rather than taking a leap of faith [...]

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Filipino Kali Stick Sparring - Sparring Preparation

At some point in the development of your Kali, Arnis, Escrima training, you are going to learn to spar. If you train right, you will be ready. Sparring is a useful training tool that will allow you to test and develop your skills. It will help you learn where your weaknesses are, and it [...]

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Tools for Training Filipino Kali Alone

The more frequently you train, the sooner you will see your skills develop. Having the right tools and having an area setup for training will encourage you to do it more often. Whether you have a dedicated space or have to go to the park may change how you prepare, but there are [...]

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Training you should be Doing at Home when Learning Filipino Martial Arts

You can’t effectively learn any martial art without training partners, but there are certain types of training that you need to be doing between classes if you want to get good at your chosen art. Classes offer instruction, coaching, drilling, sparring and the opportunity for guided review, but your time alone is best for [...]

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How to Practice Filipino Kali at Home

Training Tips to make you better, faster Whether you are attending a regular class or only receive instruction from time to time, practice at home is must to develop your Kali skills quickly. Even when my students come to class on a regular basis, they don’t really accelerate their learning until they incorporate regular practice [...]

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How to Strike Fast and Hit Hard for Kali

Methods to develop powerful strikes in your Kali training If you need to hit someone, then make sure when you hit them, it counts. To do this, you need to be able to hit them hard. If you are lawfully justified in doing so, hit them with enough power that it will stop them [...]

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How to Improve your Coordination for Kali and Silat

Get the most out of your training with these effective methods. All of us want to be skilled at our arts. We want to move fast and be effective with our technique. Smooth, coordinated movement is a must for that to happen. Regardless of your style or art, there are effective methods for developing [...]

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