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Aluminum Training Karambit G3


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Product Description

The third generation of our Aluminum Training Karambit features beveled edges and a contoured false edge. We made this karambit a little thicker for a more comfortble grip. Similar to previous designs, this G3 karambit allows both a full fisted grip, brass knuckles style, as well as the saber style grip, wherein your thumb rests on the ring in a downward grip.

Blade Style:
Karambit / Lugod
Overall Length:
6 1/4 inches (15.9 cm)
Blade Length: approx 2 inches (5 cm)
Handle Length: 4 1/4 inches (10.8 cm)
Hole Diameter 1 inch (2.5 cm)
Blade Thickness: 1/4 inch (.64 cm)
Blade Material: 6061 aluminum

With use, aluminum training blades will scratch and dent. Repair dings and scratches by sanding any sharp edges.

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  1. good enught i bought a second

    Posted by riedog on 19th Jun 2013

    i bought one of these several years ago and like it so much when i completed my last order i picked up a second. Pros solid once piece, light, with a good finish (no fit to it) Con the multi fingers are ok but would be better with a smooth belly.

  2. Great training tool

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Jun 2013

    Bought my first one 2 years ago and it is still being used often. Fine finish and perfect fitting to the hand. Well designed and well made.

  3. Great training karambit...

    Posted by AJ on 24th May 2013

    Awesome product! My first karambit trainer. I found it easy to handle as it seems very well balanced and fits my hand damn near perfectly. It also seems to make a very useful control and pain compliance tool...

  4. great

    Posted by hermz from hawaii on 25th Apr 2013

    nice control training tool. but i wish had like a sheath to cover it so it is not noticeable if putting it in your pocket or bag. have some heft to it but not that light. i dont recommend getting a wooden one cause the ring part will just broke! i had one and i dropped it when i first got it and the ring part broke i was sick from that.. wasted money!

  5. Premimum training knife

    Posted by Anthony on 17th Jan 2013

    This Karambit is a super true feel blade.

  6. AMAZING !!!

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Sep 2012

    Great training karambit, amazing weight, good feel. Can also be used as a control device and very safe to use. Built to last.

  7. Mostly good

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Apr 2012

    Same as all the other points of praise for the good stuff. The only limitation I found was that finger grooves make it a good fit larger hands, which makes it a bit awkward for smaller people. Even at 5'9", while I can use the trainer with ease, I do have a splay out my fingers a bit more than I would it the handle were smooth.

  8. Phenomenal Control Device

    Posted by Doug on 22nd Dec 2011

    I just received this trainer and I already love it. The weight is lighter than my 5.11 CUB, but that helps me work on my speed training. In addition, no mods need to be made with this trainer; It comes with the perfect combination of blade edge and dullness to insure proper training without the band-aids. I will have to get another one of these for my dual-hand training as my cold steel trainer is far more cumbersome.

  9. Great trainer but...

    Posted by Darrell on 14th Jul 2011

    Great training karambit, very light (in weight) and solid, but the blade portion is still bit sharp even though the blade portion is already dull. I had to shave it down just a bit but still overall a great trainer.

  10. WOW!

    Posted by Andy on 28th Sep 2010

    This is the best handling karambit trainer I have used. Great weight, balance and grip size (I have big hands), and I love the fact that it is double edged and has a decent point. Nice realism without chopping pieces out of your training partner :}

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